Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova



Coralie Zermatten

Technical implementation:
Eric Alius

The Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova is a Project of the Forschungsstelle für Vergleichende Ordensgeschichte (FOVOG) and is funded by the General Curia of the Carmelite Order.

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Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova: An institutional joint venture between a religious Order and the Academic World

In August 2010 the Forschungsstelle für Vergleichende Ordensgeschichte (FOVOG-Dresden) of the Technical University of Dresden began to work with the Carmelite Order for the elaboration of the project Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova. Therefore Coralie Zermatten conceptualised and designed the database as well as structuring its main body. Eric Alius then worked on the technical implementation of the database online.
The website went live in May 2014 and with connection via the database should be a dynamic project thanks to an open cooperation with the internet users. The contact form allows a possibility to address potential additions, corrections or feed back all kind about the database. It is also possible to take part in the further growth of the database by becoming a member of the development group and adding new entries as well as editing already existing ones. In order to maintain a sufficient academic rigour and the open nature of the project a redaction committee will moderate all changes and allow them to be edited on-line.

Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova: A Tool at the Service of Carmelite Historiography

The project Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova is born of the desire of the Carmelite Order to develop a biographical-bibliographical tool which makes the the Order's history available to all. Hence, a further purpose of Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova lies in the renewal of the Orders' historiography, both by the Carmelite community itself and by the scholarly world. The web interface fits the best to this wide panel of users.
Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova is anchored in the very long and complex history of the Order that received its first Rule between 1206 and 1214. Thus the first hints of Carmelites authors and texts date back to the early 13th century, and the database aims to record all traces of intellectual activity from the beginning of the Order until the presente time. This is the reason that the database is organised into two mains areas, manuscript datas records and authors data records.
Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova is inspired by Cosma de Villiers' work Bibliotheca Carmelitana published in 1752 and edited anew in 1927 by Grabriel Wessels. These two volumes might represent the most complete catalogue of the Carmelites during the medieval and modern times. Thus, Bibliotheca Carmelita Nova seeks to update the knowledge of the Order left by De Villiers and to complete it with an identification of the extent sources. Indeed the constitution of an archival catalogue of Carmelite works is the principal breakthrough of the database. Its function as an archival catalogue is also reinforced by the select bibliography supplied for every author and manuscript. Currently the database only presents entries covering the medieval period.

Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova: Technical Implementation The IT work, which has made Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova possible, has been developed at the Technical University of Dresden thanks to the collaboration of Eric Alius and Coralie Zermatten. Both tried to develop a tool that is both user friendly and efficient. Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova contains two interfaces, on the one hand the database accessible to all internet users and on the other hand a menu for the members of the database, who can edit and supplement information.
The decision was therefore reached to build Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova on an open source program for the development of relational databases.

For further information on the conception of the database, see: Coralie Zermatten, Bibliotheca Carmelitana Nova: une nouvelle base de données pour l'histoire de l'ordre des Carmes, in: Revue Mabillon 85, nouvelle série 24 (2013), p. 267-275.